Wood’nt you want the best for your products?


After the industrial revolution, freight and the transport of goods has made major developments in terms of how common deliveries and shipping became as well as how secure the shipments were.  Understandably the development of the railroad and powerful engines meant that trains could transport a lot more than horses and coaches could have. People began to see the potential in business as they could get their products across the country and supply to the customers whom they never thought possible before the revolution. Now in freight, we need to understand how important it is for the products to get from point A to point B without the contents being damaged in any way, stage coaches and caravans may have had bumpy rides, however, the train would have a much smoother route, down the tracks.  
In our modern time, it goes without saying that we obviously want delivery of our products to be in the most secure way, ensuring that there is no damage to our order. Mega courier companies pride themselves in the fact that they will get you your products in tip top condition as well as on time. For larger shipments they may take the help of custom pallets and crates which is what this article is going to be talking about henceforth. This article will be applicable for those of you who own/ operate businesses which require that the products/ raw material be stored away in the most secure way, as well as ensuring that when shipped, the products suffer no damage.  
The company is question is called Reclaim Timber and has been in operation for over 40 years now. In those years they have made their name in the market as a leading manufacturer for wooden crates and have set the bar in terms of the quality which storage crates are to maintain. They claim to have their products made with the best quality timber and ensure that they have your companies best interest in mind when supplying you the wooden crates. Read on further for more about the crates, what they are like and how you can benefit from them.  

First off, the crates themselves are supposed to be as durable as it gets. They are supposed to withstand whatever impact is thrown at them, in order to ensure that the products within them are safe from in shock or shaky travel which they might run into.  
The high quality wood from the crates has made a name for the company as it has ensured that the products being stored or transported are received in the best condition possible after they have been placed in the pallets for sale. If they crates didn’t do what they are meant to, the company simply wood’nt (yes, that was a pun) be in business. 

Moreover, for a business owner or manager, you would look to ensure that you products are firstly kept safely, second, presented and shipped in a way where the customer known that they are receiving something which requires effort. What we mean by this is, the shipper can easily send the shipment in something which looks like it belongs in a junkyard, however, they choose the finely made crates as a company image has to be set as well in order to attain some sort of customer loyalty. 
A certain amount of decency can be seen when the wooden crates are shipped to you rather than some beaten down box of nails and wood.  

Moreover, if you are on some sort of tight schedule and need to get the crates as soon as possible, the company understand how I can be. They ensure that they crates are readily available even after hours as they understand how important it can be to get the custom pallets and crates to a client on time.  
All you need to do is get in touch with them and they will have things ready for you in no time.  

We thank you for reading this far and hope that this article has been of some sort of help to you in some way or another. Take care, have a great day.  

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