Why The Great Ocean Road Is Perfect For A Road Trip!


Why the Great Ocean Road? 

The great ocean road is the largest war memorial existent. It is not only a symbol of remembrance of the soldiers died in the World War 1, but also a tourist attraction with eye-catching beauty along the way. It passes through dense forests and limestone hills. The sandy beaches and the touch of wildlife makes it a complete package for a great road trip. There are many sites for people with different interests. Nature-lovers can find soothing beauty of the coast line while the animal-lovers can be fascinated by the presence of koalas and kangaroos on the way. The road stretches about 243km, starting from Torquay and ending at Allasford. People from across the country come to this part of the country to enjoy the scenic beauty and the breathtaking sites.  

Best time to visit 

The best time to visit the great ocean road depends entirely on you. The weather conditions vary significantly along the 4 seasons. This affects the accommodation charges, tourists’ density and of course, the experience of the road. Starting with the summer, the ocean road has the most number of tourists in this season. People from different parts of the country travel to this road to enjoy the scenic beauty in the mild summers. Due to increase number of families travelling from different parts of Australian, the accommodation charges of the motels rise to their peak in this season. However, if you’re a fan of water activities then this is the perfect season for you.  

If you’re not a fan of crowds then autumn is a great season to visit the ocean road. The weather is cooler and lesser tourists are there than in the summers. Also, lesser tourists means lesser prices of accommodation.  After autumn comes the winter when the tourist count is at its lowest. You can have the road to yourself without facing any traffic. This is the ideal time for people who hate crowds.  

Spring is also preferred by many people for the rain forests. It is this time of the year that the rain forests experience their peak rainfall. During this season, the flowers are blooming and the nature is at its peak.   

Accommodation on the road 

If you’re not a resident of Melbourne and you’ve come down from a far distance for your Great Ocean Road tour from Melbourne CBD then you don’t have to worry about the accommodation. There is a wide range of motels available on the road. As mentioned before, the prices of these motels are higher in the tourists’ season. However, there is a range of motels available so you don’t have to worry about not finding one for yourself. Most people stop at one of the following points; Apollo bay, Lorne, Otways and Port Fairy. You can, however, find motels at locations other than the aforementioned. Since millions of people visit the road every year, it is one of the most growing businesses of the locals so the good news for you is, you will find a place to spend the night even in the summers when the crowd is at its max.  

Teddy’s Lookout 

While there are many places on the ocean road that you do not want to miss at all cost, one that tops that list is located just outside the Lorne. It is called Teddy’s lookout. It is basically a point of great view. It has a walkway that takes you to a top view point. From there, you can have a breathtaking view of the sandy beaches and the dense forests. This is usually the first stop of people on ocean road tour. If you go a little further, you can witness the joining of river Cumberland and the sea. The view is a masterpiece of nature. It is highly recommended that you take your time and relish the serenity of this place. Once done, you can then continue to amaze yourself with other what other attractions and landmarks along the road have to offer.  

Some quick facts 

In a nutshell, following are some of the key facts about the ocean road.  

  • It offers one of the greatest road-trip experiences 
  • It starts from Torquay and ends at Allasford. 
  • Day tours take about 14 hours to travel on the road 
  • The most highly visited landmark along the road are the 12 apostles 
  • Most people tend to make it a road-trip than a vacation