Why now anyone using an only iPhone?


Currently, the iPhone has become a handset that almost all of us have wished. Especially the young, tech devotees, who always experience pioneering new technologies always crazy with the iPhone of Apple. While its cost upon the most expensive type, but still a lot of people in spite of all to own it. So whether they are dreaming and was enchanted apple bite out of it? And why are you using an iPhone?

iPhone handsets always been the most popular among young people in recent years. So what is the reason that young people love the iPhone so much?

iPhone is unmatched?

There are many who think the iPhone is unmatched compared to other phones from other manufacturers.

First to mention is the Apple brand. Over the past decade, Apple has become one of the trusted brands and most famous in the world of high technology, so the notion of many people, owning an iPhone is synonymous with luxury and Stylish.many people, owning an iPhone is synonymous with luxury and Stylish.


Monday, the iPhone there are many options from beautifully designed and luxurious colors. To be fair, the appearance of the iPhone has always led the trend of design compared with the average current phone from using monolithic aluminum with diamond cut (diamond-cut_ or plastic strips on application dorsum to avoid interference … extremely elegant design, accurate to the smallest detail, along with the use of color is very sensible of the iPhone always makes this product stand out and have an appeal is hard to resist.


A third factor that is the repository of rich applications and high quality. Apple store will be strictly censored and manufacturers also carefully cared for their applications far more than other operating systems. Additionally, the proprietary extensions such as iMessage, FaceTime, or AirDrop, maildrop (high capacity email attachments) only on Apple devices as well as a brand is “hook” the user.

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