Why Mitsubishi evo is the best performance clutch


When it comes to tuning of a car the clutch seems to be the most insignificant part and no one pays much attention on it. Mostly what people don’t realise is clutch is that component which gives power from the engine to the wheel for its functioning. What clutch actually does is it connects the engine to the gearbox so that the car keeps moving even if your foot is not on the pedal due to its energy. A good performance clutch is determined by the how much torque the clutch is able to hold. Basically torque determines how much force a clutch can put to give energy to its wheels. The reason why Mitsubishi evo is the best performance clutch is due to the best two components used that determines a good performance clutch. One is flywheel and other is gearbox input shaft. 


Flywheel is a big metallic disc and it’s just the one side of the vice, it directly bolts to the crankshaft, let’s talk about the functions of a flywheel in detail. The metal surface keeps the heat produced by the engine away from the clutch plate. It also keeps the momentum of the car in balance by keep turning the disc. There are some modern flywheels as well today called as dual mass flywheels. Dual mass flywheels consists of two parallel metal discs working together to reduce vibrations and noise coming from the drive or clutch. Dual Mass flywheels improves efficiency and speed by reducing the noise and vibrations and for smooth clutch shift and break. Improving the performance and efficiency of your drive by 50% is something too good to be true, but it’s possible just if the metal disc of the flywheel is well maintained. This is the reason you need to experience Mitsubishi evo clutch kit for your car to experience the best performance flywheels. As a result smooth and efficient drive. 

Cost effectice: 

Mitsubishi evo clutch gear is the cheapest and cost effective choice you can choose for your car to increase the life expectancy of your car by 50%. Most clutches are out of reach for a common man to afford for a smooth ride but at Manticclutch you can chose the best clutch for your car at the most reasonable prices. As quality standards are kept in mind you will not have to worry about heavy repair and maintenance cost as a routine check and balance will do just fine and increase the life of your vehicle. 

High quality 

At Manticclutch it is strictly observed that a very high quality disc plates are used to ensure maximum speed and smooth efficient noise free drive for the maximum time to enjoy without having to worry about changing them again. Maintenance of our high quality clutch kits are extremely easy due to dine quality at first place.  

Less accidents smooth drive 

Due to shock resistant clutch plates there are very less chances of experiencing bumpy and rough rides. The shocks will maintain the friction and maintain the smoothness of your ride throughout your travel journey. 

Renews the engine 

Good quality best performance clutch kits can give the lost power back to car’s engine and give your car a new life. Frictionless metal plated discs ensure maximum energy transfer from gear to engine results in less bumps, less or no noise, effective breaks and smooth speed of your car throughout your journey without having to worry about repairing and changing the clutch discs any sooner. 

At manticlutch our customers are always satisfied with our high quality performance booster products and materials used to make each and every part of your vehicle to ensure your driving experience will get better and better with the passage of time to enjoy the perks of having a smooth ride without any breakdown, noise, and heat up. Manticlutch is the best solution for all your driving and vehicle related problems as we are experts having years of experience in making high standard and quality products that will make your life easy and more joyful. 

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