Tips to make Mountain biking more memorable for you


Are you a sports person? If you say you are, mountain biking must not have gone unheard by you. Mountain biking is dangerous, yet, an incredibly adventurous sport in today’s time. It is a sport where enthusiasts ride specially designed mountain bikes off-road, often over unleveled and rough terrains. This sport, compared to the other sports require greater endurance from the riders, bike handling skills and balance, core strength, and self-reliance.  

However, not only the riders but, the bikes themselves need to be well suited to its task under all conditions. Moreover, the right accessories accompanied by advanced, technological equipment make the sport much more interesting; an experience that is hard to forget.  

Let’s take a look at what these essential features of a comfortable bike ride are: 

Choose the right tyre 

All vehicles, in general, depend upon their wheels, which in turn get its grip from the tyres surrounding it. When MTB tyres were designed, features such as “lugs” were kept in mind to provide the bikes with a hold on all kinds of terrain -these knobs are often large that can dig into loose terrain. If you’re looking for an ideal MTB tyre, you will find it with a relatively low rolling resistance, the tyres will give the bike an overall cushioning effect to enhance the comfort, and quality of the ride, and of course, just the right amount of grip.  

The tyres you want in dry weather conditions will have shorter knobs than usual, spaced closer together, and being similar in height. On the other hand, wet weather tyres are designed to be more aggressive, with higher knobs that are spaced much further apart. The Maxxis MTB tyres tend to provide high-quality tyres for any terrain you ask for; be it loose dirt, mud, or hard pack. 

Wheel size and tyre width 

Tyres for the wheels of the MTBs come in different sizes, stretching from 24 inches to 27 inches. It is recommended to detail the size of the tyre needed for the wheelset with the help of the manufacturer’s label on it.  

However, the tyre width plays a more crucial role in the performance of your bike and the essence of your ride. The tyre width varies, ranging from 1.6 to 2.5 inches. The wider the tyres are, the more stable the bike is when cornering or moving at high speeds, improving traction and grip. Meanwhile, higher friction affects speed and reduces mud clearance. 

Different tyres for different rides 

When you’re going for a cross-country ride, use tyres with a width of 1.8-2.2 inches, to climb efficiently and roll fast. If you’re an aggressive “All-Mountain” biker or a downhill rider, you must use tyres that are 2.1-2.4 inches wide to provide a better grip with extreme cornering, more exceptional durability, and a better cohesion with rocky and rough terrain. Trail riding is the best; you do fine with an all-around tyre that should provide just a moderate level of speed, traction, and durability. 

The front and rear tyre feature is also an important one. The Maxxis MTB tyres are an excellent combination of low rolling resistance and proper grip. The front tyre (Ardent) maintains a good grip, while the rear tyre (Ikon) quickly throws away all the sticky mud, providing an excellent clearance property. 

A bonus for your ride 

How great will it be, when you could easily track your rides on one click, without any major hassle? Yes, it is now a possible option to put into consideration. The multi sport GPS watch does not only keep tabs on how fast you were riding or how much distance you covered, but it has got some more amazing features. They have inbuilt wrist heart rate and pulse sensors to add insight to your health and fitness; moreover, these watches can also be connected to other heart rate monitors, power meters, and cadence sensors. More excitingly, these smart watches can be connected to your compatible smartphone for on-wrist alerts, notifications and messaging. 

Garmin Fenix 6 is a known example of these GPS smart watches, offering more additional features like; in-built multi-GNSS satellite reference, power manager features, contact less payments, and much more. Moreover, to suit all kinds of riding experiences, look for a toughened mineral glass screen on your watch.