Tips to consider when buying a retirement apartment







Searching for the perfect property where you can settle down after your retirement is a daunting task. It is daunting because you are going to take a big decision for your old age. But, you can make it exciting if you make a plan. You have to find a place which offers best leisure, social and medical facilities. Moreover, it should be a good investment of your money. Some people choose their new houses in their communities while other prefer to move to other parts of the country. Either way, soul searching is very important in buying a property. Here, we are going to help you out. We have gathered several tips which you must keep in mind while buying a retirement apartment Brisbane. 

Go for single living apartment: 

This is very important to choose a single living apartment. In old age, some people might use wheel chair. So, an apartment with stairs can be a real problem. Also, don’t forget to check if the main entrance or the garage has big steps. Homes with sunken living rooms or elevated kitchens can cause problems for old people. You have to look for a property where you can walk easily without any problem.  

Choosing the right location: 

You must keep the location of hospitals in your mind while choosing the apartment. Your house should be located near a park so that you can continue your exercise. Think about your climate preferences as well. Choose a place which is convenient for you in all manners. 

Security of the area: 

Wherever you go, security is the major concern of residents. In old age, people become more vulnerable to street crimes. So, you have to make sure that the property you are buying can offer 24 hours’ patrols and security services to you. CCTV coverage and electric fencing are also important for a secure area.  

Consider a place for animals: 

If you have planned that you will have a dog after your retirement, then you must make a plan before you buy. You need proper space to facilitate them so that they can live with you easily.  

Try to look for wide hallways: 

Nowadays, most of the people prefer open space homes which comes with 36 inch doorways. This is because, they offer wide space for socializing. Another reason to prefer such homes is that they are easy to control with wheelchair. So, it would not be a problem for you to perform your everyday tasks.  

Check the shower: 

Sometimes, old people find it difficult to get in and out of the bathtub. So, when you are choosing your apartment, look for something which has no steps or where you can wheel in. You can also install grab bars once you have bought the property. These grab bars should be installed in toilets as well. Try to look for big bathrooms. A bathroom must have enough space to bring a wheelchair in or even an attendant.  

Think about a partner: 

If you want a company after your retirement, you can choose a house in which you can do sharing. Now, house sharing is becoming very common. Try to find a property which would work for you if your children or parents live with you. This is easily possible if the house has a guest room with an attached bath in a good shape. On the other hand, if you are inviting your children to live with you, then you might need a master bedroom for them. You can have a double storey house in case of house sharing. Many people choose big houses if they have children and grandchildren who come to them often.  

Make sure to plan your appliances: 

As you grow older, it would not be easy for you to bend down for a dryer or a dishwasher. So, you have to keep all the appliances in your range. You have to look for the places where you can fit your microwave and washing machine. The refrigerator should be too large if it is not required. Someone with a wheelchair must have a single counter which keeps most of the daily routine appliances. Moreover, lower counters should be made for them.  


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