Three Holiday Destinations That Deserve More Consideration


Picking a holiday destination is never easy, there are so many places that need to be seen and so little time and money. The list is almost endless, but to be honest it is also somewhat clichéd. There are so many obvious places that people think of that the hidden gems that only locals know about tend to be horribly overlooked. It’s a shame really, so we compiled a list of hidden gems that are worth considering, places that offer a lot at great prices that tend to be overlooked by their more fashionable neighbours. 

Australia has some gems 

Tourists thinking about trips to Australia tend to think of Sydney and Melbourne, which are of course great cities. But what about lovely Cairns in Queensland, a gem of a city with plenty to do and with prices that are very good. To start with Cairns accommodation is already significantly less than what you would pay in one of the bigger cities. It has lovely beaches and it is situated on the edge of a stunning rainforest, over which you can take cable car rides and it is on the coast with great beaches and good diving. 

Cairns is a lovely city and with places like Sea Temple Palm Cove to stay at there is almost no way that you can go wrong. Other items for your visit should include the lagoon, the topless beaches, the aboriginal enclave and of course the Great Barrier Reef. 

Port Elizabeth 

When people think about South Africa they immediately think of the stunning Cape Town or the incredible wildlife experiences at Kruger Park. But on the East coast, north of Cape Town, is the historical city of Port Elizabeth which is a highly under-rated destination. Not only is it brimming with history, it is also the access point to the Addo Elephant Park, a phenomenal nature reserve that houses all of the big five in malaria free conditions. Its warm sea is home to school of dolphins and for those who like cricket it is also home to one of the oldest and most characterful grounds in the world. 


When people think of England they think of London or of the big Northern cities like Liverpool and Manchester. All of these places are incredible in their own right, but unfashionable Norfolk is a great destination for exploring real old-school British life. The city itself boasts an incredible cathedral and plenty of history – it was the home of Lord Horatio Nelson himself. But it is the Norfolk Broads that are probably the most fantastic feature of this part of rural East Anglia. The Broads are a network of rivers and lakes that can be navigated by canal boats. A designated reserve the broads boast more than 200km of water and they are the perfect place to escape for a peaceful holiday in a great part of the world. Plenty of stops at old pubs and with an abundance of wildlife, a week on the Broads should be on everyone’s bucket list. 



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