Things to keep in mind when throwing a themed party for your kid.


Throwing a kid’s party can be challenging at times, knowing the children’s interests, likes and dislikes and keeping in mind when planning a party for them isn’t really easy. At times you never know if the kid’s don’t like a certain theme your whole party could go wasted. There are few very good themes for kid’s birthday parties like for girls the first name you could think of is frozen party in Melbourne, the story of the love between two sisters, similarly for boys it’s always or mostly have to be superheroes like Superman, Spiderman etc., exceptions are always there. To throw a lovely surprise party for your child planning is the key. Without planning the greatest of ideas can’t be implemented and if they get implemented there is no guarantee it would fulfill your children expectations. There are few brilliant ideas to throw a lavish surprised birthday bash for your kid that he/she will remember for life. It’s not really easy to do this job year after year that’s why there are tons of superhero party entertainers in Melbourne to rely on. From decorations, packages, entertainers, costumes, location, everything is taken care of  

Admit it or not, not only kids but everyone just love frozen and its theme for birthday parties. There are tons of ideas to throw one hell of a surprise party that your kid will cherish for life. Some examples are 

Invitation cards 

Now when you have written all down what are you going to be needing for your party the 1st thing is how are you going to invite the guests. There has to be unique and creative invitation cards according to your themed party to excite the guests and increase their will to join the party. At you can find any design for your theme that you may easily print and fill in. for frozen we have this snowflake invitations that can be decorated the way you like and fill in the guest’s name, there is this idea of invitations to be given by the sketch of Elsa, Ana, or Olaf, the three main characters of the movie. This is the most fun and creative part you can involve in. after that make a list of activities for the kids to do in the party e.g. 

Colouring Frozen scenes sketches 

You can just take a print out of many of the different scenes from the movie Frozen, and put those on a table with some colours. This can be a great activity for the kids to fill in the colours according to the particular scenes. There can be drawings of Elsa, Ana, Olaf, the parents, the prince the ice sculpture, kids will love it and never get bored with this activity.  

Baking Frozen shaped cookies  

Ok no, kids will not bake the cookies they will just decorate the already baked cookies with frozen themed piping, colours and characters, you can also put some plain cookies in front of them with frozen coloured piping bags and ask them to decorate the cookies, either with the drawing of the two sisters of any other character or just a snowflake. The kids will just love the party with these simple but extremely fun activities to get engaged in. 

Frozen goodie bags or thank you tags 

Towards the end of your party you can always prepare some kid’s stuff as goodie bags with frozen shaped eatables, or pencil/colouring case, some white and blue coloured gift, maybe a frozen movie cd, or frozen cupcakes etc., wrap it in a nice sheet and attach it with a snowflake thank you card or a tag as a thank you for coming gesture. All this one time effort will impress all of your guests and kids for the life time. 

Contact us today and make your kid the happiest this year with everything he/she wants for the upcoming birthday. 

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