The type of banner used as a media backdrop


We are living in the times of competition. Everybody is running the race where everyone wants to win. This world has been turned into a global village due to the invention of different technologies. This globalization has originated a sense of competition among the companies, organizations and brands. These companies and institutions use different marketing strategies to stand out amongst other companies. They use different methods as online marketing, advertising, etc. One such method of promoting your brand or product is by setting the banners or backdrops of your company’s name or logo. In this article, we will be discussing about the type of banner used as a media backdrop printing


Marketing is the process of promoting your company, products or organization. As we are being introduced with latest technologies every now and then so our caliber for promoting the product or company is also increasing. Marketing is done in various ways; more innovative the way of marketing is more will be its promotion amongst the masses. The product or brand can be promoted by putting a discount offer, by introducing some fun game or by hiring a huge celebrity. There is online marketing as well which is done in the form of pop up ads, etc. However, one of the most commonly used and recommended method of marketing is the method of advertising.  

People become aware about the product by its proper advertisement. Advertisement can be done in various ways like setting billboards, running it on television, etc. One such way is the advertisement by the use of banners or backdrops. 

Banners and backdrops: 

The use of banners and backdrops is one of the best ways of promoting your company, product or organization among the general public. Banner is the poster like structure on which the logo or name of a brand is printed and then is placed in such location where it can be viewed easily by everyone passing by. Backdrop is almost same thing which is used as a background prop in important events. There are various types of banners and backdrops. People can choose whichever type they want for their product. There are huge sized banners like fliers. Then there are meshed banners on which the logo or name of brand is engraved or written in an artistic way. 

Other than the above-mentioned banners, there are pop up banners, rack banners, pull up banners and many more. However, we will be particularly talking about media backdrops in this article. 

Media backdrops: 

We all know that most effective way of promoting your product is to advertise it in media. As media goes where ever there are celebrities, political leaders or any important personality. So, whichever place the media personnel’s will stand, their backdrop will also be seen. This is the reason that lot of companies and brands chooses to advertise their product by imprinting their logo on a media backdrop. 

Media backdrop is the kind of a banner which is most commonly about eight feet in length and eight feet in width but still there can be some variations. It is made up of plastic with company’s logo or product’s name imprinted on it. Support is provided to this backdrop by a stand like structure that can bear the weight of street pole banner and can stand firmly on a ground as well. Then this backdrop is placed behind the media personnel, which is why it is continuously shown on the television screens, newspapers, etc. Hence, advertising the product in a best way possible. 


In this world of hustle and bustle, everybody wants to stands out among others but some succeed in this struggle while others fail. There has always been the sense of competition among the companies which is why they keep promoting their product so that they can outshine others. This promotion is done in various ways. One such way of promotion or marketing is carried out by the use of media backdrops. Media backdrops are huge banners along with stands with company’s logo imprinted on them. “SK displays” provides the best quality of banners and media backdrops all across the Australia. 

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