The Things You Need To Remember For A Perfect Picnic 


There is no one size fits all, when it comes to planning a perfect picnic that satisfies everyone and keeps them happy throughout. There are various factors that need to be gauged and understood before planning and executing your picnic trip or day out. From weather conditions to the total cost incurred and the number of attendees, there is always a lot that needs to be done in a short time. Many of the times when you set to pull off a picnic, the biggest task is jotting down a complete list of things that need to be discussed, planned and done. Therefore, you need to have a cheat sheet, so you can plan carefully and right on time too. Before you even start contemplating what needs to be done and how, you need to calculate the number of people who will be going and the magnitude of the picnic arrangements, so a ball point figure can be derived. Making a confirmed guest list will help you connect with everyone so you all can mutually decide on a location, food and all other activities, and can come up with an amount to divide. Once you are done with these, here is a comprehensive guide on how you should pull of the picnic that you all want. 

Picnic Equipment: 

After the number of people and location, the equipment and picnic supplies are the most essential things. For a perfect picnic, a lot of efforts are needed, not just arranging a food and thinking that everything else will be done on-site. Collecting the basic things in advance will help you stay organised and enjoy on the day of picnic without any hassle. Though, what you need to carry with you depends on the kind of picnic you are arranging, but there are some things that will be required in almost all situations. A few of these things are a rucksack or picnic basket, cooler, blankets, utensils, portable dustbin, wipes, and napkins, etc. These were the essentials, for entertainment, you can take lighting, seating, picnic BBQ equipment, pop up shade tents, chess boards & games, and comfortable seating arrangement etc. Don’t worry, if you think that you have accumulated a lot of stuff, because you can opt for a school bus hire Sydney for picnics and special occasions, and your items will easily be stored inside it.   

Food And Drink: 

Let’s all accept the fact that no matter how much you plan, foods and drinks can make or break your experience. It is the most significant thing for all the attendees, because everyone wants to eat good food and taste amazing drinks with a good view. The food ideas can be numerous and will depend on the choice of your attendees as well. Just finalise a neutral, albeit awesome menu and consult all the guests before you make the final decision. This way, no one will be left dissatisfied. Similarly, select the right beverages for your guests as well. The tea and coffee are a must, because some of us are addicted to them. For kids, you can have juices, fizzy drinks or soft drinks, while for adults you can pack the same alongside a beer too. Again, don’t worry, the stuff won’t be too much because you can easily keep it in a school bus that you are hiring as your ride to the picnic spot. 

Picnic Safety: 

Picnics are all fun and play, which means there are chances that someone might get injured. The most obvious of the arrangements that you need to do include a small first aid kit. The kit must include the basics like a bandage, Band-Aids, an antiseptic cream, and plasters etc. You can also keep sunscreen and safety gear too, in case someone needs those. Don’t forget to keep a list of contact numbers of all the attendees, maps and emergency back-up contact etc. 

Once all the food, entertainment and safety preparations have been done carefully, remember that you must wrap up your picnic the same way you organised it. What it implies is that do not leave your picnic location filthy and clean it or have it cleaned up before you leave the spot. A few extra bags can be taken, so you can store your trash and throw it in a dumpster later. We are sure you are smart enough to know that the picnic spot must be cleaned.  

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