The Bag with Innumerous Applications; Hessian Bags 


Hessian bags are the modern aesthetic bags that are manufactured from the skin of jute plant. Certain other vegetable fibers may be added in the jute skin to make the ropes stronger and durable. Hessian bags are also known as burlap. These bags have a wide range of applications due to their various beneficial qualities. From grocery bags to gift wraps, these bags can be used for nearly every application of a bag. They are also eco friendly and moisture-repellent. These jute bags are also more stronger than plastic bags.

Where are they used   

Due to the in-numerous benefits, hessian bags have a wide range of applications. They can be used in the industrial sector, as well as for personal usage.

Burlap bags are used as grocery bags for their ability to bear heavy weights. The fibers and ropes can sustain great amount of weight. These bags are also moisture repellant, which means they are capable of keeping the food items away from moisture. These breathable bags keep vegetables and fruits fresh for long periods of time, as compared to plastic bags. They can also be stored easily and can be used for long periods of time.

Hessian bags can be woven and this customisable feature makes them ideal for gift bags. They are used as promotional bags as well. Different designs can be made on these bags to make them appealing and presentable. They are, thus, used as fancy bags for gifts, tote bags, Christmas bags etc..

There are many other uses of eco bags Australia as well. Filled with sand, these bags are then used as protection against floods.

Environment friendly 

One of the prime advantages of using hessian bags is, they’re extremely environment friendly. From being used as the final product to the initial stages of its production, hessian bags do not pose any threat to the environment. These bags are biodegradable and eco-friendly. In their production stage, vegetable oils are used. These bags are ideal for people concerned about environment, but that’s not the only reason why one should go for these bags.

Strong Strength 

Hessian bags are not only preferable because of their biodegradable nature, they also offer superior qualities than the ordinary bags. Due to the strong fibers and ropes, burlap bags are stronger than the ordinary bags. Fibers of other vegetable plants might be added in the production of these bags to make them extra strong and durable. The fabric of these bags is closely woven to ensure strong network of fiber in the product.


The ability of these bags to be designed and customised, is another reason for their high demand. First of all, these bags can be manufactured in a variety of weights and sizes. This means these bags are customisable for nearly every application; from being used as huge bags in industries to being used as small bags for shopping, these bags are suitable for everything.

The customisability of these bags does not end with variation in size and weight. Hessian bags can be easily customised with different designs, logos, pictures or fonts. This is the main reason why burlap bags are used extensively as gift bags. They can be personalised with names and any other writing. Different online sites offer the option of customisation, since it is quite easy to customise these bags. By paying only a small fee, these bags can be customised with a specific name or picture on them.

Hessian bags can also have unique hand paintings or designs on them. They can further be decorated using pearls, glitters, ribbons and other accessories. The possibilities of decorating these bags are endless. This is why these bags are ideal for birthday and wedding gift bags. They convey the message of being more than just a bag to carry the gifts. These bags can be used to convey a special message woven on them, making them as valuable as the gift itself.


Hessian bags can be used for long periods of time. They are extremely durable and can be reused a lot of times. Their average life span exceeds 5-6 years. They can be stored and reused as grocery bags, storage bags and for many other purposes. They also do not impact the environment negatively.

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