Pictures are an integral part of life. There is a story behind every picture. A frozen moment to look at and cherish that moment for eternity. No event is complete without the right photoshoot and the multiple clips and pictures from it. Thus, it is always kept in mind that the pictures must be taken properly. There are several elements much needed for perfect photography. The first from it the right camera and hand full skills to click the best picture. Second is the well kit place and balanced light to give a total glam to the pictures. It’s not possible to get all these services at the first and only place.  

We are introducing you to Social Selfies. A place that follows the need and passion of entertainment industry people. We are here offering photo booths.  

The Perks of Photo Booth 

We offer the touch screen an amazing mirror for all of your events to make them worth remembering. We have an amazingly enthusiastic team to add fun to your valuable guests. We are ready to capture love and fun at the most privileged occasions. your guests can share the pictures online or either get the print of it too. We have a team of entertainment, operational, marketing, and advertising manager for adding fun into your time. 


Life is full of events. You might be inviting guests for multiple occasions. Either it’s your big day as in engagement or wedding day or baptism and corporate events. There might be a baby shower, brand launching, and charity event, life moments celebration, graduation, hen’s night, Christmas, new year parties, and such other multiple events. Your guests will enjoy and celebrate it thoroughly if they get a chance to do some crazy stuff. It’s been said that all the moments are worth capturing. You must regret on those that are missed. Thus, we are here to offer you our prime services photo booth hire based in Parramatta with all the services and packages. These packages are affordable with lucrative offers, hence you can only focus on entertainment and let us handle the rest. 

Photo Booth Hires 

Capture all the worth remembering moments with photo booth hires. No event is magical without a well kit, aesthetic, optimal area for taking pictures to upload on social media. To solve this problem the Social Selfies, offer away assistance and best services by offering the photo booths in Paramatta, Metro areas, and Western Sydney. Our corporate photo booth hire in Sydney is a 60-inch mirror. This is the biggest and a challenge to competitors and full of templates. You can capture any customized pictures for events. There are fun graphics and encapsulated designs for your party or event nights. You can get the print of photos. 

 All the pictures are captured with top quality Canon and of course, we support the option of sharing these photos via email. This is different from your traditional mirror instead it’s an interactive mirror full of options as in singing gif, emojis, templates, stamps, and video features. You can check them out in package options. 

Packages Details 

There are few of the packages includes: 

  • Essential package 
  • Exciting package 
  • Spectacular package 
  • Extraordinary package 

Every package has its own cost and hiring hours. There is a whole range of packages perks given on the website. You can check it out and book what will suit your needs. 

Get the Coolest Token for Guests 

From weddings in Paramatta to corporate events in Sydney, we can assure you the best experience for all the valuable events. We entertain you with free delivery, installation, setting up space, and removals from the area. With the key features of best quality photos, interaction with screens, online sharing, boomerangs, and quality prints makes it a must hire for all your events.  

Best to getting 

We have served the best way. From our Instagram to Facebook and even on website handle you can check out the testimonials. The guests have enjoyed it all. Don’t miss a chance to catch the central attention of your events and planning a chance for your guests to enjoy and capture the moments from the event. 

We assure you to fall in love with these photo booths. Thus, we are open to book and facilitating you for photobooth hire. Get in contact with the team, hire and book the slot and reserve the photo booth for you. 

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