Recruitment Companies and Why They Can Be a Game Changer.


Without a doubt, the process of recruitment of new employees is a tedious and risky job. And expensive as well. And despite all the effort that goes into the entire process of a job posting, shortlisting, interviews and call-backs, there is no surety that the hard work is going to pay off.  

Because as a company, you are receiving replies from several interested candidates and you or your team might not have the experience or the time to do a thorough background check on these people. And apart from background checks to detect any disturbances in work life, it is also important to test candidates in a way that they prove that they just do not have the degree but also have on-hand skills required for their jobs. That can be especially tricky to judge. 

And so much more so if you are looking for higher ranking or c-suit executive employees because once recruited, they would be handling bigger and more important operations which can lead to the collapse of the entire company if managed by someone unqualified.  

This is where Occulus International comes into play. 


Occulus International is a well-known recruitment company in the executive recruitment agencies market. They have been working with commendable positive review and results for more than 10 years within the New Zealand and Australia region by providing the best and most suitable executives as per your needs. Their recruitment company is more so known for being an executive recruitment agency which is to say they specialize in recruiting the most highly qualified executives that will only help to grow your company.  

What makes their recruitment company unique is that they offer various planned processes and services that will help you in getting the best candidates. Their flexible services and procedures help the executive recruitment agencies in Sydney to understand your requirements better and to understand your business better so they can give you all possible tools to succeed. These services/procedures include: 


Their project planning ability can help you get an estimate of how much time it will take for the recruitment procedure to occur etc. this makes the process more transparent ad devoid of any problems.  


Their efficient use of case studies for written assessments provide an extra level of checking so only the best if the best candidates pass the process. They also tale Emotional Intelligence tests.  


The recruitment company executives also are willing to organize seminars for you to provide you with the best business analytic tools for the best interview process] 


Because Occulus is an executive recruitment agency, they understand how difficult it can be to create job descriptions for executive positions like this. This is why they offer the service of custom tools that can help you generate customs job descriptions and other details, totally customizable as per your businesses requirement.  

To maintain this position of being one of the executive recruitment agencies and recruitment company in Australia and New Zealand, Occulus international has created subcategories of executives that they help recruit so that the process is more focused on the particular qualities one is looking for in their executive as per the department they will work for. They recruit executives for the following departments: 

  • Management 

Flexible workers with more varied skillsets and the ability to be always hands-on for any task or meetings 

  • Supply chain 

Recruitment Company in Sydney that will help you find logical and problem-solving individuals than just qualified people 

  • Sales & marketing  

Recruiting someone who is flexible and will easily adapt to the dynamics of a market since they would be working for an always-changing department. 

  • Technology  

Occulus provides the candidates with the most up to date knowledge in terms of technology especially related to cybersecurity, Automaton etc.  

As a Recruitment Company and an Executive Recruitment Agency, Occulus international takes their job of recruiting candidates very seriously. They go beyond the basic requirements of history and qualification because these things can be learned. What cannot be learned is the inborn talent of logical thinking, innovation, ability to lead, having a good sense of emotional intelligence and more. Their Recruitment Company network is spread over multiple levels, industries and markets. Over the 10 years of operation, they have intricately crafted this database of the best of the best employees that you can find. You are surely not going to be disappointed.