Razer Blade Pro launches expected in 2016


Razer Unveil event at the Shadow was held in Berlin, CEO Min-Liang Tan has officially launched the latest version of gaming laptops 17.3 “Blade Pro, called The New Razer Blade Pro. Laptops characterized this was upgraded Razer robust in design as well as configuring the graphics processor Nvidia GeForce GTX 10 series, RAID system large capacity hard drive, new style radiator and engine especially low-profile keyboard Andrew and multipoint desktop alternative to large screen integrated trackpad older Switchblade.

Razer Blade Pro laptops 17.3 “has made a name for green snake because it is considered a pioneer who for thin gaming laptop design with metal casing, and many people also call the MacBook Pro Pro Blade black run Windows. the New Razer Blade Pro has been designed in this style, black aluminum surface treatment anodize the Razer logo featured lights. Even the most powerful configuration property to date in line, but the thinness of the Blade this version is only about 22.5 mm.

The number of standard ports and connections also changes with blue 3 USB 3.0 ports, 1 USB-C Thunderbolt 3, HDMI 2.0, 3.5mm audio jack, LAN and especially now with the card slot SDXC memory. Second memory card slot is typically found on any laptop, the Razer Blade Pro but for it ever since the memory card slot first generation. The Thunderbolt port equipment will help The New Razer 3 Blade Pro exploiting dock mounted external graphics card such as the Razer Core. Another noteworthy change is the source port of the Razer Blade The New Pro design is quite similar MagSafe port, inhaled by magnets.

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