Planning Your First Birthday Party? Here Is How To Avoid Disasters –


It’s your kids first birthday party. We know how excited you are to celebrate it in the best way possible. But, now is not the time to freak or stress-plan. You know that stressing over something is never beneficial and it won’t turn out for the good in the end. Since your kid is too young to demand anything extravagant or force you to for a themed birthday party, everything that must be done depends entirely on you. You get to choose how to mark the occasion, so you always remember how you celebrated your kid’s first birthday. Having said that, we know there are a lot of emotions attached here, and you would want this occasion to be Pinterest-perfect. There is no harm in opting for the perfection here, because we know that you are too excited to have spent the first year with your kid and want him or her to look back to it with love. But amidst this all, we wouldn’t want you to commit the disasters that every parent commit for the first time. There are some certain things you must restrain yourself from doing, so that the big day doesn’t turn out to be completely opposite from what you wanted. Here are some of the most unwanted first birthday party disasters you must avoid. 

Limit The Guest List & Time: 

Though you would want to have a huge birthday bash, we would recommend keeping it simple and small for the first time. If you have a small space, sensitive baby or a tight budget, why don’t you consider doing a family-only celebration? Your baby is too small, he or she does not have friends, so the party is going to be all about you, your family or friends. Therefore, it is better to invite your immediate family. If you want, you can invite the friends with babies too and your mom’s group, but that would require a lot of planning. You can buy Unique baby gifts Australia as a token for the attendees. Similarly, plan the party around your baby’s nap time, because it will be the most convenient for you to socialise with everyone then. You cannot plan around every infant or toddler’s nap time, but you can generally plan around your own. Make sure that the party is only an hour or two long, any more than that, and your baby will get cranky. 

Don’t Overload Yourself: 

We can’t emphasise this enough, especially when you both are working parents. You might want to give yourself some time off, thinking space and a relaxed mode before you plunge deep into the party planner phase. Most of the moms rejoin their offices around the kid’s first birthday. If that’s the case, you must really relax and adjust to the routine before you even decide to plan a birthday on your own. You might think you can do, but we tell you from experience that in the end you can turn the occasion into a disaster. To avoid it, adjust to your routine and relax before you think about throwing a birthday bash. You have to enjoy your kid’s birthday, so please don’t waste it in haphazard. 

Accommodate All Ages: 

If you have invited a lot of little ones to the party, you have to give them some sort of entertainment as well. Set out some baby-friendly food and kids’ favourites so they have something to look up throughout the party. Arrange some fun activities and games, and we bet kids will go crazy with fun and enjoyment. Get a makeshift diaper-situation, so mommies can easily change the diapers and clean up afterwards. Consider the safety of the kids too and do not involve any thing or activity that can harm them. Most of the poorly organised parties end up with some sort of disaster where the kids get hurt, so we wouldn’t want you to do the same as well. 

It’s your kid’s first birthday, hence a very special day for you. Remember to take pictures ahead of time, before the guests arrive and the decorations have been set up properly. Set up realistic expectations of how you want the party to turn out to be, and do not make social media inspirations an obsession for you. If you follow these, we won’t see how your party can ever turn into a disaster.  

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