Make your Bridal shopping a pleasant experience! 


Wedding shopping  

Wedding day is the special day that most people only plan to have once in their lifetime. This makes this day one of the most special days of life and so, everything is expected to be perfect and just as required. From decorations to guest list, everything needs to be just as wished. Since there are countless things to take care of, couples often miss out one thing or another in the entire charade of wedding planning. There are always some lessons and regrets after the wedding; things that could’ve made the day more perfect. In this article we mention some of the tips that will come handy when you start your wedding preparation. This will save you from a lot of regrets later on.  

Tentative timeline 

The first thing that comes to mind when the big day is set is, ‘when to start’. This is often where most people make the mistake by starting too late or in some cases, starting too early. Here, we suggest a timeline of the wedding preparations that, if you follow, will help you make your journey to the big day pleasant.

8 months earlier  

Whether you’re going for a customised wedding dress or one off-the-rack, either way, you should start planning to finalise your wedding dress 8 months before the big day. This gives you plenty of time to alter the dress later on and more importantly, to focus on other important areas like the décor.  

5 months earlier 

After the wedding dress, when you’re left with about 4-5 months before the big day, start finalising your undergarments for the wedding day. Your undergarments are going to affect the fitting of your dress so make sure you have finalised these before the dress alteration starts.  

3 months earlier 

After the undergarments, you have plenty of time to look for the jewellery and any other accessory you have in mind. When you’re 3 months away from the wedding day, have your first fitting of the dress followed by 2nd and 3rd in the next 3-4 weeks.  

1 month earlier 

Now the big day is really close. Practice walking in your wedding shoes and get the final fitting of your wedding dress. It is unlikely that your body undergoes much variation after this.  

2 weeks earlier 

Now that your dress would be ready for you to collect. Pick your gown and save it somewhere safe for the next 2 weeks.  

Following this timeline will help you focus on everything without panicking and missing out anything.  

Tips for wedding shopping  

To save you from any kind of regret and ‘what if’, here are a few tips to make your wedding shopping experience more fun and productive.  

  • Follow a plan 

As mentioned earlier, it is important that you have a plan to follow; be it a timeline or a general idea of where to start from.  

  • Set a budget 

Often couples make the mistake of not keeping a budget before going on with shopping experience. This results in spending too much, more than they could afford. So it is highly advised that you set a budget for each domain and strictly follow that.  

  • Do your homework 

In the present era of technology, it is unwise to not use the facility of internet before going in market. You can get all kinds of information from the internet, be it about the décor or the wedding dress. Make sure you perform a good research about anything that you plan to go to the market for.  

  • Consider the theme 

One great advantage you’ll come across when you have planned everything in advance is, you’ll be following a theme overall. You do not want a wedding dress that is out of sync with the theme of your wedding so make sure you have a theme prepared in mind.  

Tips on choosing the right bridal shop 

Coming to the bridal shop, it can be fairly exhaustive and time-consuming to search for reliable bridal shops Melbourne. To save yourself from a great deal of frustration and exhaustion, follow the tips mentioned below to find the right bridal shop without hustle.

Ask around

Whether it’s a jewellery shop or a dress shop, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and energy if you look for references in your circle. Finding a reliable dealer can be hard and tricky so it is best that you ask the married couples in your circle about dealers and shops that they would recommend.

Do your research

As mentioned before, use the devise you have in your hand. Look for experienced retailers around you before going for market survey

Know what you need to ask

Have a set of questions prepared before going to the bridal shop. This will help you determine the right dealer easily.

Take the right company

Do not take too many of your closed ones for bridal shopping. Pick a few that you know will be able to help you find the right shop.

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