Have Cooking Skills? Become A Chef In Australia! 


Cookery or let’s say cooking professionals have always been held with high regard everywhere in the world. Obviously, this profession existed even before there were other professions. Eating has always been one of the most important things for humans around the world, hence the profession of cooking boomed. If you see the statistics around the world, the needs of the chefs are ever-increasing and so in Australia. Just a year or so ago, it was reported that there was a shortage of qualified chefs in the country. Hence, it can be accepted that those who want to settle down in Australia or are looking for skilled immigration should know that cooking is one thing that’s extremely in demand. If you know how to cook professional, a number of opportunities open for you. If not this, there are a number of reasons why you should become a qualified chef in Australia. Let’s explore them together.

Increasing Pay Rates: 

Though we initially decided to keep this point on the second, because that is actually the place it belongs to, but took the decision otherwise. Since the pay rate is one thing that entices people the most, so it takes a cookie point here as well. Undoubtedly, being a chef means that you have to remain on your toes, work endlessly and work for multiple hours straight. But, this also means that with the increased need, the pay rates have increased as well. The reason you should move towards a certificate IV commercial cookery is that the salaries and the employment rate are growing nearly eight percent every year and that is a whopping figure. Moreover, all those who wish to gain permanent residency can learn commercial cookery, because it will take them a long way. Not just right now, but in the years to come, the salaries are expected to row even further. It means that if cooking is your passion, then it would only be wise to opt for certifications and professional courses, because you will never be short of work. You can even start your own small setup as well. Let’s just say that it is a career that rewards your day and night efforts.

Career Progression:

For the Millennials and the generation of today, career advancement and progression are what matters the most. They want to become part of that profession, which allows them to grow leaps and bounds not only in terms of acquiring money, but in terms of stability and professional growth as well. Thus, we don’t see how a person who does a professional cooking certification does not see endless opportunities open up in front of him. From cafes to hotels and to restaurants, not just in Australia, anywhere in the world open their doors to world-class chefs. Though, you shouldn’t expect to become an executive chef and lead teams from day one. Just like any other job in the world, there is a path that you should follow. For dedicated chefs, there is no time limit and you can skyrocket to both fame and good designation within no time. For this one thing, the career progression isn’t similar to the mainstream jobs in the world. Moreover, those who are travel geeks should know that having an internationally recognised cookery education means the travel benefits increase. At any point and time, you can move to the other countries to set up any cultural eatery because that works out anywhere in the world. In short, the world of opportunities is limitless when you are a chef. From dedicatedly working at a restaurant to opening your own specialty setup, you can work to your heart’s content within no time.


You can dictate your own working hours on your own conditions most of the times. This is one of true and well-known benefits of becoming a chef. You set your own hours for the week and you can work to your maximum capacity as well. Furthermore, you can also find part-time jobs or weekend employments if you want to have multiple cooking gigs. It is a given that the hospitality industry is one of those industries in the world that never stops working. So, you can choose your own hours and days to work at.

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