Guide for Buying LED Light Bar for your 4×4 Vehicle 


Why an LED light bar? 

Since the introduction of the led, the conventional light bulbs have been drastically replaced with this new invention. The list of reasons forms a long list and in fact, all of the reasons justify this replacement as this new technology of lights was intended to overcome all the shortcomings of a conventional light bulb. This is why the LED light has replaced the conventional halogen filled light bulbs in nearly all applications; be it your bedroom or your car, the LED light is the idea choice. Although the list of reasons for why led is preferred over traditional bulbs is long, there are 3 prime reasons why most users prefer going for led lights, especially when they’re choosing for the best LED light bar 4×4 for your off-road vehicle.

The customisable shape 

Previously, the 4×4 off-road vehicles had to rely on a single circular shaped bulb that acted more like a spotlight at the top of vehicle. There wasn’t any option other than having a circular spot light that is fixed at the top of the car. The LED light bar has given the option of choosing a rectangular bar. The rectangular bar allows using the light for different flows of light, depending on the exact dimensions of the bar. Also, with the rectangular led bar, there are no dark spots in front of the driver.

More durability  

The LED light bars are substantially more durable than the halogen bulbs. These light bars are more resistant to vibrations and shocks, which makes them even more ideal for off-road vehicles.

The shape again 

As mentioned before, the shape is a significant factor for many users. The customisable shape allows installation of the bar at any part of the vehicle, unlike the halogen bulb spotlight that could only be installed at the top of the vehicle, effecting the overall height of the vehicle.

The elements of a reliable led light bar 

You might be convinced that an LED light bar has a great edge over the conventional light bulb. But, you can’t just go and pick any bar that you find in your nearest shop. There are some important factors that you need to keep in mind when looking for led light bar for your vehicle.

Reputed brand 

It is very important that you go for a reputed brand. Even in LED lights, there is a wide range of quality and you don’t want to waste money on a low-quality light bar. Therefore, avoid going for cheaper options and look for brands that have a reputation for good quality in LED lights.

The reflectors 

The reflectors play an important role in the output of your led light bar. A well-designed light bar will have reflectors installed in the optimum position for a maximum output. This results in a wide effective light-beam from a low-powered input.

The overall quality 

Since you’re buying the LED bar for your off-road vehicle, the quality of the material used is also very important. The usage of aluminum, stainless steel and other high-quality materials will simply give you a more durable light that can withstand different weather conditions and, more importantly, the shocks during the journey.

Tips for choosing led light bar for off-road driving 

Since you’re now aware of some characteristics that you need to keep in mind when looking for the best LED light bar for your 4×4 vehicle, here are a few tips that will help you get the best of the best.

  • Look for good quality. As mentioned earlier, the quality fo the material you choose is very important. So, look for durable and high-quality light bars that can sustain a good amount of vibration.
  • Go for the brightest option. Since the ultimate purpose of the light bar is to light-up the road for you, go for the bar that does the job most effectively. Remember, it’s not only about the number of led lights. The reflectors are a significant contributor of the output you get.
  • Consider the illumination you want. With the option of customisable led lights bars, you can get the light in circular or rectangular shape. You should be aware of the type of illumination you need. The next segment mentions the 4 popular illumination patterns used by the off-road vehicles.

The 4 patterns 

The 4 patterns generally preferred for a 4×4 vehicle are,

  • Flood beam: This gives a widespread illumination of the road.
  • Spot beam: This acts as a spot light and gives view of longer distances.
  • Combo beam: This is a tradeoff between flood beam and spot beam.
  • Scene beam: This is a more advanced level of flood beam, illuminating an angle of 120 degrees.

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