Get Your Feet Wet 


Do you feel relaxed about hanging around your cubicle walls at work all day and at night, you return to the empty, hollow vessel you call home? What you need to do it take some ‘me time’ to relax. If you keep on working without taking a break, you will eventually experience a burnout which will affect both your performance at work and how you interact with people. Such a lifestyle could ultimately lead to irritable behaviour and depression. This is why it is important that you take a day or two off, so you can go stretch your feet and hit that reset button. Most people smile when they think about spending a day at the beach? Well, it’s the best way for you to forget about all that work stuff and into the earthy scents of the ocean breeze. The tranquil sounds of the ocean making waves or the gulls in the sky will make you want to close your eyes and lay there on that lounge chair forever. Heading out to the beach with your family and friends is the perfect excuse for you to get some relaxation while bonding/catching with your loved ones over snacks and refreshments.  

Visiting the beach is a great way to pick yourself up and has proven to have improved physical and mental health. Here are three reasons why you should definitely visit the beach on your next day off: 

Salt Water Is Good for Your Skin and Body 

Salt water that is found in the sea is actually good for your skin as it is full of minerals like sodium, chloride, magnesium and calcium.  The ingredients that are found in salt water are some of the same ones that our internal organs crave so naturally, they are also beneficial to our skin too. Salt water helps with seasonal allergies. A swim in the sea water is much better for helping you with your allergies than that saline spray you use every day. Furthermore, swimming in cold water can actually help boost your immune system and relieve you of your pains by stimulating certain hormones. 

Vitamin D 

Did you know your body is a manufacturer of Vitamin D? When your body is exposed to the sun, your skin uses the UVB rays to manufacture Vitamin D.  Vitamin D is used by your body to support its immune, lung and cardiovascular health.  It also aids in regulating insulin and helps strengthen bones and teeth. While you are on the beach relaxing or walking by the shore in search of shells, your body soaks up the sunlight and help your body produce the Vitamin D it needs.  

Reduces Stress and Helps You Recharge 

When you are on the beach, everything is a bit slower, a little more relaxed. This is known as ‘Island Time’. Being away from the busy streets of the city, your body wakes up and you are able to appreciate nature. Moreover, there is no pressure to dress up and you can casually stroll down the beach in your shorts or swimwear. At the beach, you leave behind the pressure of deadlines from work or university and can focus on relaxing and finding your inner peace. Moreover, it gets you away from the devices that you are literally chained to all day generate electromagnetic waves which can be extremely harmful and have negative effects on your body. Rather than staring at your smartphone’s screen all day, you can have a game of volleyball or just throw around a frisbee with your friends which helps you recharge and make your stress levels to drop. 

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