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So to help my canine friends out there to stay in touch and up to date I’ve compiled a list of the very best dog blogs and websites I could find. I wanted to call it ‘Alfie’s ultimate list of dog blogs’ or ‘the best dog blogs ever’ or even ‘compulsory reading for dogs and puppies of all ages’, but in the end I settled for ‘top dog blogs’ and I think that covers it!

I will add links whenever I find new and exciting blogs out there, so please come back regularly… Enjoy your reading and if you’re  a new friend of mine and would like your blog added to my list, then please leave a comment below and I’ll get in touch as soon as I’ve finished my dinner.

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Most Pawsome Dog Blogs 2014

The other day, puppy Mars found an excellent way to help me turn a low moment around. It was time for a play break in our session, yet their were no toys in the yard. Not one to give up so easily, he darted over to our orange tree and found a tiny unripened fallen fruit and proceeded to  toss it sound like a ball. Way to make lemonade, little guy! Or in this case, orangeade… Regardless the message was clear.

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