How to create a hairstyle with tattoo


Although the fervor around them might have died down a little, are still a dime a dozen, with the best fashion blogs known the world over. Despite the fact that some reports say the golden age of blogging is coming to an end, it’s clear these self-made style stars aren’t going anywhere, as evidenced by the dozens of new fashion blogs cropping up every day. And, let’s not forget that many established bloggers are thanks to collaborations, affiliate links, and appearances.

All have created a very simple style, but with strange allure to it:

  • Nice tattoo
  • Cool weather
  • Sports bike

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest followers, as well as website traffic. These numbers gave us a snapshot of how many people these bloggers are reaching every day.
Brand extensions. We gave props to bloggers who have used their influence to create original products.
It factor. We talked to industry insiders about whom advertisers are loving right now, and who is moving the most products via affiliate links.
Google News searches. Headline makers were rewarded for extending their reach beyond their own network.

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