Five soup common disease in dogs


These dogs are prone to arthritis obesity, diabetes, hypertension and cancer. According to the Association for Obesity Prevention for Pets (APOP), short life of the pet-related obesity. Unfortunately, among the animals that veterinarians classified as obese is 90% of the farmers they think their pet has normal weight.

A high-quality diet, balance is fundamental to the health of dogs. If eating unreasonable, dogs can get sick. Here are 5 common disease in dogs due to direct effect of diet.

Pay attention to the calories and fat in the diet of dogs. Two quality levels are too high will cause obesity becomes more severe. So please study the appropriate diet to reduce the weight of the dog, help dogs have a healthy life.



Pancreatitis is inflammation of the pancreas, causing digestive enzymes into the intestine. If this happens, the enzyme will begin to break down fats and proteins in other organs as well as the pancreas.

Heart disease

Dogs are also common heart problems as we are, especially if the diet is not reasonable. The main factor for heart disease in dogs is due to the amount of sodium (salt) intake. The amount of sodium in the diet, the higher the level of sodium in the blood circulation increases. High sodium intake leads to the accumulation of water in the blood vessels and increases blood pressure. When blood pressure rises, the heart must continue to expand to overcome the pressure to pump blood from the ventricles.



Dogs often have diarrhea. There are two types of diarrhea: diarrhea, small intestine and large intestine diarrhea. Dogs often have diarrhea intestine more soft stools and several times / day. Meanwhile, you should let the dog eat a light diet, low in fat, easy target. Dogs large intestine diarrhea stools are frequent water throughout the day. Meanwhile, the dog’s diet needs fiber (both soluble fiber and insoluble).

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