Benefits of using cover for Phone 


Why get a Cover? 

Phones today cost more than an average person’s salary. It is considered to be a major investment in yourself and despite the high prices, people still manage to get these expensive phones for the luxury and convenience these phones offer through different features. One such phone is Samsung s9, which is known for its advanced features and of course, its high price. If you’ve purchased this phone or if you’re planning to get this phone, you must consider getting a cover too. Phone covers used to be a luxury items, but now they’re more of a necessity. The high price of the phones, combined with the delicacy of the phone, call for a cover. Fall from a slight height can break the screen and cause other internal defects. You can’t afford this, especially if you have just bought this new phone. This is why you need a cover. While it is self-explanatory why a cover is important, there are some prime reasons to buy galaxy s9 cover. Here are a few: 


This is the basic purpose of a phone cover, but we’re not just talking about protection from fall. A cover protects your phone from scratches from the key in your pocket. We often put our phone in the same pocket in which we have our car keys. This often results in scratches on the screen and other parts of phone. With a cover, you save your phone from such minor damages. The cover also protects the phone from scratches that usually come from frequent usage. Furthermore, the cover also saves your phone from dust and dirt. This keeps your phone fresh as new, even after years! The cover also saves your phone from water or even too much sunlight. Both of these sources can damage the circuitry of your phone. The cover provides your phone shelter from all these sources of damages. Hence, having your s9 in a cover will significantly extend it’s life.  

The look 

Gone are the days when you had to rely on dull silicon covers to protect your phone at the cost of its appearance. Today, you will find a wide range of colourful and creative covers for your s9. You pick any cover that matches your dressing or your personality. This gives you a chance to change your phone’s appearance whenever you feel like. You will not get bored by your phone’s look if you keep 2-3 covers on standby and change the cover whenever you feel like. You can change the cover according to occasion, your mood or even your dressing. This only depends on the number of covers you have on standby.  

Easy to install 

This is another benefit of the covers you can find for your s9. The covers are easy to be removed and replaced. This means you can easily change your phone’s appearance anytime you want. You do not need assistance of a mechanic or an expert to help you change your phone’s look. All you need to do is open your drawer and change the cover of your phone. This way, you can change your phone’s look according to your dressing as well as the occasion. You can keep a flashy cover for parties and other similar occasions, while a decent leather cover for your office. There is a wide range of variety of cover types that you can find for your phone.  

Resale Value 

This is something buyers overlook when buying a new phone. Having a cover protect your phone from any kind of damage or even dust, will keep your phone fresh even after years of usage. After a few years, you are bound to get bored with the phone for its features and you are going to need a new phone. Selling your old phone is a good option at that point. However, you can only sell your phone if your phone’s appearance is fresh and scratch-free. So, if you use a cover right from the start, you can save your phone from scratches for years. This can help you get a reasonable price for the phone when you plan to sell it and buy another.  

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