Our residential projects speak about our taste. The buildings, homes, or any residential area is a lifetime investment, and this must be done wisely. you need an accurate design to start the project. Your project needs the genius to deal with matters. The sketch is a platform to facilitate you with a whole range of building and drafting design services to support all kinds of residential projects. We are award winning home extensions in Melbourne starting from small renovations on each scale of alteration, new homes, addition, multi and medium residential density, and drafting services.  We offer the aspiring look to your commercial and residential projects. With the help of experts, team, knowledge, and dedication we cover and fulfill the project on time.  

Aim and Objectives 

We work in collaboration with all the major stakeholders. We consider this move a success of our project. This also applies to any outward consultants and outdoor professionals required all over. We accomplish every feature of the process and behold a trusted network of advisers who we can endorse and liaise with to certify your project is approved out with expertise while maintaining reverence to your budget plus not bargaining on high quality, ground-breaking design principles of award-winning home extensions. We give no downtime to your expectations. The team will strive to deliver desired results on time while leaving you awe-inspired about your residential project 

About Us 

The sketch is in Melbourne, award-winning home extensions. With the philosophy of listening and recreate our dream. We encourage sound network, connections, and creativity to paint your dream into reality. The drafting services in Melbourne are unique for every client. We work on all the projects individually. It is impossible to evaluate all the processes on the same ground; thus our experts take care of the services.  We have started in 2006 with a team of disciplined, passionate, certified, experts with breadth knowledge, degrees, innovative ion, mindfulness, diversity, creative ideas, collective work that encapsulates award-winning home extensions.  

Skillful in working in a somewhat architectural category, we like to appreciate the unique necessities of each project by a stress on our client’s requirements, desires, style, and cost. This is shared with an aspect of the site framework to identify the restrictions and focus on other opportunities for drafting service. 

Holistic Designs 

Our holistic designs merge to create a meaningful solution to excite, inspire, reflect positivity, purpose, meaning, and combining all these elements for award-winning home extensions. We thoughtfully create the designs to consider the relevance with time.  

As a dedicated residential design and certification consultancy, we steal the stress out of, building, design, and town planning legal requirements for our customers. You can trust that your plan is being dealt with by an experienced crew who are devoted to make your drafting services journey a pleasant one. We provide unique, tailored facilities that value uprightness and transparency. 


We endorse open dialogue in talking any queries or inquiries relating to the project or the amenities we offer.  For further than a decade, Sketch has been bringing our clients with sensibly considered, informally reverent, multi-residential expansions. Our involvement and expertise in this world have led to the establishment of Sketch Developments. 

In drafting services, the developers with the design of in-house design and development facilities allow us to be involved passionately and engaged in the completion of the award-winning home extensions. Our developments and driven solutions will inspire, excite, innovate, and bring positivity to your lifestyle and local communities. 


We offer the best design, meetings to discuss the projects and then suggesting a free proposal, pre-design, and a comprehensive concept and design, development, projects, surveys drafting surveys,  design development, plan action, report, calling to the council, final work to offer you the award-winning home extensions.  Calling our team and talking about your project will relieve you. We offer a step by step procedure to complete all the work. You will not be in a hassle. The pre-meetings cover the consultation part. Once you get the know-how of processing while we get an understanding of the project and your budget, the problem will be solved. Our ultimate solution will give a whole new outlook on your projects. 

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