A home is a place where we spend our life. A lifetime investment to enjoy perks later. It is essential to design it in a comforting manner. Your place speaks about your preferences. Make sure to give it a better one. As in you building your home but now your head is hit by multiple renovation ideas. You must look for a company with experience and expertise. The one place that will refine your ideas more and providing you clarity about changes. 

Do you want to experience energy and light control efficiency with style and grace? Are you planning to add value to your home with several amazingly perfect renovation ideas? Are you after the elegant designs to match perfectly with the environment? Are you feeling a grandeur sense whistle focusing on durability and beauty?  

Finally, if you are looking for complimentary curtains and related stuff, Greater Western Shades is at your service. Feel welcomed to a company situated in High Street, Penrith. We focus on offering a wider assortment of window coverings for outdoor and indoor. The product suite includes blinds, soft shades, shutter in blue mountains, awnings, sunscreens, and Venetians – all the focus on innovation, durability, beauty, and cutting-edge technologies and designs. 

If you are after shutters and wallpapers with a range of styles, and designs and specialize in fire-rated shutters – we are your one-step-stop.  We offer a range of wallpapers that gives life to your lifeless walls: nice, fancy, and greatest wallpapers.  

Shutters Collection 

Presenting you the greatest home shutters collection in Blue Mountains, Penrith.  

Timber and Polysatin Shutters 

The Greater Western Shades looks a stunning combination of durable design and timeless grandeur. These are tailored perfectly for different types of windows including sliding-glass and specialty shapes doors. These shutters have replaced timber shutters with the perks of maintenance-free and two decades warranty. These are perfect and practical solutions for bathrooms, kitchens, and all the wet zones in the home. 

Aluminium and Timber Venetians Shades 

We offer a Venetian blind range for your home, composed of aluminium, timber, timber look. The timber look is a practical alternative for polystyrene as it is water-resistant and a perfect solution for kitchen and bathrooms. 

Perks and Privileges 

We have ranked a prime business with long-standing products. With a variety of designs that will adjust in your home and allows a small amount of light to enter. Thus, it’s the perfect chance to enhance the glam of your rooms with these stupendous shutters. The shutter installation draws the attention towards window size, designs, shutter style, and colour because these will impact the grace and overall feel and look of a room. Hence nothing could be more perfect than the customised designs, especially for varying window size.  

Get in touch and visit us for picking the best shutter for your home. Contact details along with all the due design ranges are given. Choose and in case of any difficulty contact the team. We will be glad to offer you an absolute solution. 


Greater Western Shades offers the widest range of customized design of wallpaper based in Penrith. The team is super excited to transform your rooms into luxurious glamour interior. We provide chic floral patterns to contemporary alternative and stunning murals including graphic designing, large prints, photographically designed wallpapers, and many other options for open places. We will kick out the old floral patterns from your mind and stun you with the extensive selection. From kid’s funky modern rooms to elegant primitive aesthetic dining halls, all the spaces will be updated by the most beautiful and right wallpaper. There are a lot of options available as in-wall paneling, digital mosaic, wallpapers, and cladding. 

Stupendous Services 

We are the experienced trusted team to work with. The team is always one call away to give you better pieces of advice. Other than that, the team offers five years of manufacturing warranty plus a year installation warranty. After one year the call and service charges will be applied. All the contact details and media handles are provided. Say hello and take better advice to make your home look beautiful

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